Singing Strings

Singing Strings

12 simple tunes for the small harp composed or arranged by Isobel Mieras

1 Singing Strings Beginner’s Reel.

2 Howgate Waltz Written for the children of Howgate Primary School.

3 An Eriskay Love Lilt.

4 Triad Duet Simple root position triads make an effective accompaniment.

5 Caprice and Doloroso Two pieces of contrasting mood. Play them as individual tunes, or join them together with a smooth lever change as Caprice-Doloroso-Caprice.

6 Brahms’ Lullaby

7 ‘Strusaidh mi na Coilleagan (The Cockle Gatherer) One of many lively and rhythmic working songs from the Gaelic tradition.

8 Old Lament A beautiful melody in the Dorian mode found in the Gesto Collection from Skye.

9 Buain na Rainich (Pulling Bracken) Yet another traditional working song, this time in rather a wistful mood.

10 An Ataireachd Ard (The Surge of the Sea) An emigrant’s longing to return home and finally be buried beside the sound of the surging sea.

11 Song without Words Originally written for a student with a temporarily disabled right hand!