The Wind that shakes the Barley

The Wind that shakes the Barley

 1 The Wind that shakes the Barley I like this version of this well-known reel because of the lift given to the tune by the syncopation in the first and third bars.

 2 Low down in the Broom This tune, published in James Oswald’s The Caledonian Pocket Companion, is frequently used nowadays for Bums’ famous love song, A red, red Rose.

 3 Major Graham of Inchbrakie The great fiddler Niel Gow composed this fine Strathspey, which Burns chose and had published in Johnson’s Musical Museum, as the melody for A Red, Red Rose. 

 4 The Fall of Foyers Eas na Smuid This is a spectacular waterfall on the south shores of Loch Ness near to the home of the Fraser family. The tune is from The Airs and Melodies peculiar to the Highland of Scotland and the Isles edited by Captain Simon Fraser.

 5 Craigie Waltz Written for a harp course which took place at the Craigie Campus in Ayr.

 6 Ruairi Dubh Subtitled Roderick Dhu, the Clanalpin Chief, this tune is also from Simon Fraser’s collection. 

 7 An Cuala sibh mar thachair dhuinn Yet another from Fraser’s collection, this tune is subtitled Culloden Day. He simply describes it as "a song much in repute with Jacobites, lamenting their fate at Culloden" There are plenty of lever changes to organise before the harper gets to the heart of this beautiful melody

 8 Eilean Beag Donn a’Chuain (The Little Brown Island in the Sea) I love this Gaelic song. This arrangement is meant to portray the island shrouded in mist as the sun slowly rises.

 10 Sona’s Strathspey Written to thank my friend for her warm hospitality over many years.

 11 Deil tak the Wars This martial air comes from the Gesto Collection of Skye music

 12 An Euchdag The Sequestered Beauty is the fanciful translation of the title of this lovely melody, yet another from Fraser’s collection. The beautiful and talented lady’s music was apparently so enchanting that the birds stopped singing to listen. Another less romantic translation of the title is The Peahen!